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2019/9/1 - Fixed a couple of bugs. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I'M ALIVE
2018/6/22 - Added IDOLiSH7, by special request
2017/10/31 - Added Aqours, T7S, Walkure, new ML, new CG voices


Idols are grouped by anime/franchise name, not group name. E.g. both 's and A-RISE are under Love Live, Walkure is under Macross Delta, etc.
Depending on how many series you select, you may end up having to do... a lot... of matches.
Seriously, don't select anything marked (Unvoiced) unless you are a true masochist.
Rankings will be displayed at the end, with a button for raw text form that you can copy and paste to your pastebin of choice.

** A screen resolution at least 768px wide is required to display results nicely. **
If something doesn't look right, it's probably your browser's fault.

To be added: A lot...
Please note that this sorter will contain only career idols.

Adapted and improved on the EN Touhou sorter, which was pulled from the JP Touhou sorter by haru from E-Phantasm, with scripts by migiwa from K-Factory.