Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

A Reaper's Kiss Tastes Like Farewell


This patch is for the original version of the game, i.e. without the update patch that ALcot later released. The update patch only contains cosmetic changes, which have been merged into our patch. Our patch will still work if you choose to install our patch onto a pre-patched copy of the game, but the load confirmations will remain in Japanese.

To install the patch, simply run the installer. This patch translates all text in the game except for the Font Settings window.
Reference image for font settings:

This file does not contain a walkthrough because there is literally one dialogue choice in the entire game.
Kohaku's route is unlocked upon completing both Honoka's and Shizuku's routes.

Translation Staff Game Staff
Translation Blah, Shini-tan Scenario Orgel
Editing Cypheriad Art Kazami Haruki
Tools EsperKnight Music M.U.T.S. music studio
Quality Control TReusbucks, mbamg Opening Theme "Le baiser de l'ange -Tenshi no Kuchizuke-" (Angel's Kiss)
Composed and Arranged by HIR, Lyrics and Vocals by Rita
Special Thanks Blitzwing01, Lillia, yipo123
Amamiya Makoto -
Arashima Honoka Ayukawa Hinata
Amamiya Shizuku Gogyou Nazuna (= Kitami Rikka)
Kohaku Natsuno Koori
Izayoi Isshiki Hikaru
Milfy Enokizu Mao
Satonaka Rin Suzuta Miyako (= Wakabayashi Naomi)
Satonaka Yuu Kamemaru
Shop Owner Uirou
Translation Notes
Most of the movie/game/etc. references in this VN are really obvious, so only the more obscure ones are included here.
Common Route
Shizuku: "Nah. Today's a very unlucky day according to the traditional calendar." More specifically, she refers to butsumetsu, the most unlucky day according to the Japanese Lunisolar calendar. More information can be found here:
Makoto: "Girls sure have it hard. They have to give obligatory chocolate and all... It is the year 2013 and I refuse to have to write a translation note for honmei/giri chocolate.
Honoka Route
"In mahjong terms, this would be an ippatsu tsumo." In mahjong terms, this means drawing your winning tile on your next turn after declaring riichi. In English terms, this means that the first door he opened was the right one.
Owner: "And, that's when we made Honoka. My, my, to think that it'd be an ippatsu tsumo." See above. Basically, they conceived her on their first try. Or maybe they weren't trying. Well, that's life.
"It was a Japanese film entitled "Cicada Rain", and it told a tale of two childhood friends and their futile love." This is a reference to a film called 蝉しぐれ (lit. Cicada Shower).
Shizuku Route
Milfy: "Uwah... What should we do, Kohaku-sama? Makocchi has a broad!" Milfy is using a slang word for "girl" from the 1960s.
Kohaku Route
Milfy: "Uu, spare me from the cat grip~" Cat grip = picking up a cat by the scruff of their neck, like in this picture:
"What tree is this?" A reference to a well-known old CM song by 日立の樹 (lit. Hitachi's tree) who represented Hitachi. You can listen to it here: