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Err... it would appear people are actually using this, so I guess I'll try to add stuff every now and then.
2015/01/12 - Added Locodol and new Aikatsu generation


Depending on how many series you select, you may end up having to do... a lot... of matches.
Seriously, don't select anything marked (Unvoiced) unless you are a true masochist.
If you only select one series, and that series only has one idol in it, it will error out and you'll have to refresh the page. Come on, use some common sense.
Rankings will be displayed at the end, with a button for raw text form that you can copy and paste to your pastebin of choice.

** A screen resolution at least 768px wide is required to display results nicely. **
If something doesn't look right, it's probably your browser's fault.

To be added: Pretty Rhythm series, Suite Precureô (and any other Precures), Full Moon wo Sagashite, other Macross series, ......
Please note that this sorter will contain only career idols.

Adapted and improved on the EN Touhou sorter, which was pulled from the JP Touhou sorter by haru from E-Phantasm, with scripts by migiwa from K-Factory.